The Star Trek Art of Charles Prepolec
William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Once my shop Mad For a Mystery moved locations to shared space with a science-fiction bookstore called Nightfall Books, I found myself, quite unintentionally involved with Star Trek fandom. Not a bad thing as I had been a passive fan since the early 1970's. As a result I ended up drawing a few pieces based on Trek characters. None of the pieces here were for any particular publication, but some ended up in fanzines anyway. The Kirk piece is the earliest and in my opinion least successful of the bunch. The Lt. Saavik pic was inspired by Robin Curtis, although the final version seen here doesn't resemble her in the least. It was one of my first major attempts at dealing with feminine features on a larger scale. I recall avoiding drawing woman as I was convinced that I couldn't capture a feminine likeness without using the subtleties of pencil shading. In the end I was happy, if not thrilled, with the result. The Spock picture I quite enjoyed until faced with his hands. To this day I still cannot adequately render hands and find them to be the most complex part of the human form. If I can cut them out of an image I will!
Robin Curtis inspired Lt. Saavik
Leonard Nimoy as Spock
Of my few Star Trek related drawings, the two below were my most successful. The study of Jonathan Frakes as Commander Riker was a distinct pleasure. I still like the minimal line work and implied detail, but after that drawing, dot patterns became more dominant than linework.

The final piece on this page ranks as one of my best pieces to date. The drawing of
Mark Lenard as Sarek was commisioned for the 1995 annual ST-Con convention. Lenard was the main guest and prints of this piece, signed by all the guests, were presented to convention personnel and the guests themselves. I had met Mark Lenard a year or two before and was very pleased to be able to render his likeness for the convention. As you can see, my style had changed somewhat from the 1991 Riker picture. The Sarek drawing was my last to be based on a Star Trek character.
Commander William Riker
Mark Leonard as Sarek
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